Our purpose, culture and competitive advantage are all driven by our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy. Our commitment to each element is deeply intertwined within the Erben DNA.

We have curated a framework to ensure we work to the highest standards across each element of ESG, ensuring our developments not only meet the lifestyle needs of its residents, but also those of the wider community and environment.


Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our operations. As leaders in this space, we pride ourselves on demonstrating innovative practices to the set the standard across the property industry.

Our developments are aligned with the Green Building Council of Australia with a commitment to deliver a minimum 5 Star Green Star rating for buildings. The rating is an independent verification that assesses a range of sustainability categories with 5 Star developments exhibiting national excellence across each.

Sustainability initiatives can be seen across our portfolio of projects. Our Cirque development in Mount Pleasant was Erben’s first 5-Star Green Star building, showcasing industry-leading sustainable design practices. In Perth’s CBD, our Verdant development was one of the first in Western Australia to provide car and bike share, reducing each individual resident’s footprint. We have a genuine dedication to reduce the environmental impact of our projects, and the people that call them home.

All parties benefit from our moral obligation to become more sustainably driven, as residents capitalise on lower energy usage and water savings, as well as health and wellbeing impacts achieved through considered design.

Erben Managing Director Luke Reinecke recognises the importance of ESG, and the significance of sustainability within the Environmental element.

“Sustainability is a key component of Erben’s identity. Each of our projects reveal that it’s possible to blend affordability and sustainability without compromising on luxury,” Mr Reinecke said. “Since we began as Stirling Capital, we’ve always delivered on Design WA guidelines, in some cases well ahead of them becoming a requirement.”

Erben’s long-term objective is to continue evolving as industry leaders in the sustainability space.


Our properties are designed to achieve an overarching goal – to build a sense of place and belonging for residents. This level of community-centric thinking, and our well-considered designs and quality builds does truly set Erben a part.

To help achieve this overarching goal, our team works closely with local community members at each stage of a development’s planning and design process. Consultation with members of the public allows our team to explore ways to add to the way of life already on offer in the surrounding area.

“I have tapped into the great sense of community here. I originally planned to spend about one week every month in my apartment, but I’m finding I spend most of my time here because I have built a really lovely lifestyle here.” Cirque apartment resident


Governance is Erben’s internal system that guides all decision making and the way we approach and design our developments.

Erben is a member of Australian leading property industry associations such as the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Reiwa and the Green Building Council Australia. Being involved in these nationally recognised associations allows our team to implement standards and guidelines when decision making. Our adherence to these codes of conduct and quality measures has been recognised by various industry Associations, received awards from the Property Council, UDIA, Master Builders Association, Housing Industry Association, Australian Institute of Architects, Green Building Council Australia and WA Apartment Advocacy.

As we move towards a greener future and individuals become increasingly aware of the importance of a robust ESG framework, we strive to continue engaging with our ecosystem of stakeholders to ensure Erben evolves and makes a positive impact.