Erben Principles

Our principles play a big part in our design approach and culture at every stage. They motivate us to succeed, with a focus on what we can achieve together.

We’re dedicated to leaving a positive legacy.

At Erben, our principles help to define who we are, what we stand for, and how we make things happen. Our people-centred purpose of creating to belong helps to champion our dedication to delivering the highest standards of liveability and value.

“Our projects have a distinct character that ties in with the existing surrounds and community, as well as reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our developments are designed with the natural environment in mind, and to build on the community feel that is already present.”

Luke Reinecke – Managing Director

Taking a fresh approach to health and wellbeing.

Sustainability is woven into everything we do, from initial design and material selection right through to project delivery and beyond. For us, sustainability means developing resilient and energy-efficient buildings that actively place the wellbeing of people and communities at their heart.

Featured Entrance at Verdant Apartments

Giving back to the places we call home.

Our projects are carefully designed to play an active role in existing communities from the beginning. Our team works closely with local community members at every stage of the planning and designing process, to find out how we can add more to the way of life on offer. Our goal is to leave a positive legacy for all that extends far beyond our project walls.

“I have tapped into the great sense of community here. I originally planned to spend about one week every month in my apartment, but I’m finding I spend most of my time here because I have built a really lovely lifestyle here.”

Cirque apartment resident

A holistic approach to create long-term value.

Good design is about so much more than appearance. It’s about how a building feels, and how it interacts with the local environment. Our architectural approach is bold and modern, setting a high standard for the future of apartment living. We’re dedicated to developing projects with a whole-life focus that offer exceptional quality from the start, and that provide a beautiful and timeless built form.

Working as a team to bring people together.

Our projects are built around connections and meaningful interactions. At the end of the day, we’re passionate about creating spaces where people can truly belong. This extends from our resident amenities and retail offerings through to stronger links with existing communities. We believe valuable connections are everywhere, and we’re here to make them count.

We’re always looking ahead to what’s next.

We’re always questioning what’s possible at Erben. As a team, we continuously look ahead, combining our different skills and mindsets to push opportunities further. Our project designs include leading technology and innovation, with the flexibility to adapt to change in the future.