High quality and functional design, beautiful aesthetics and sustainability are at the core of the Erben promise, and we are strongly committed to working with like-minded partners who share this ethos and approach to creating places for people to belong.

Every detail in every room is considered in the design of our developments, with the kitchen being of utmost importance to delivering the ultimate lifestyle for residents. Kitchens have long been the heart of a home and are often the focal point for gathering and entertaining. At Erben, we want your kitchen to be a space you love being in and enjoy sharing with others.

To achieve this we have formed a partnership with V-ZUG – Switzerland’s leading brand in household appliances for over 100 years. V-ZUG has made it their mission to make everyday life easier with high-quality, innovative household appliances. Outstanding design and sustainability are central to the V-ZUG offering, making them the perfect fit for Erben.

This partnership now sees Erben as the largest supporter of V-ZUG in Western Australia with the top-of-the-range appliances offered as standard across all of our projects and included in our Windfall, Florin and Cirque Duet apartments currently in development.

Among V-ZUG’s offerings are world leading steam cooking technology, easily accessible assistance and servicing, and a market leading ten-year warranty. A wide range of user-friendly recipes, videos and cook books are also available to users to ensure they get the most from their appliances and enjoy the health benefits from steam cooking. The clear alignment between Erben and V-ZUG’s ethos of high-quality design coupled with sustainability, along with the ongoing wellness benefits made V-ZUG an obvious choice as our supplier of appliances.

V-ZUG appliances have a sophisticated, contemporary look, which beautifully complements the design of our buildings and interiors. While each of our developments has its own unique look and feel to complement its natural surrounds, the understated elegance of V-ZUG appliances allows them to blend in seamlessly in all of our projects as a discreet, yet clearly signature, luxury feature.

Both Erben and V-ZUG are intently aware of their responsibility to the future and the legacy they leave behind. V-ZUG embodies the values of a circular economy through its commitment from design to production in providing tangible benefits to the end user. Their manufacturing site in Switzerland attained carbon neutral status in 2020, leading the way in the home appliances sector, while the unique energy and water reducing innovation in the product range ensures ongoing benefits for the future.

Sustainability is an inherent guiding principle for Erben as evidenced in our developments having been awarded 5 Star Green Star ratings, certified by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Erben’s designs offer many long-term benefits for both people and the environment, including lower ongoing living costs – all without ever compromising on luxury.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with V-ZUG and featuring their beautiful and functional products in our developments,” said Luke Reinecke, Managing Director or Erben. “It’s of utmost importance to us that we work with businesses with exceptional reputations who take responsibility for and great pride in their work, and ultimately assist in making great liveable places. V-ZUG is another great example of finding the right, like-minded partners to make our developments a success.”

This sentiment is echoed by Kate Scanlon, Business Development Manager, Commercial Projects at V-ZUG Australia. “We are delighted to be working with Erben and complementing their quality designs with our innovative, premium products,” said Kate. “We love nothing better than working with partners who share the same passion as us when it comes to design, quality and sustainability and we can make liveable and luxurious spaces for people to enjoy.”