The team that a developer brings together to design and build their apartments also says a lot about them. Are these partners also highly reputed in their field, what is their track record in building apartments and is there a history of them working together?

It is vital that a developer chooses its design and building partners carefully, finding collaborators with a similar philosophy and approach. The relationship between the developer and architect is one of these vital relationships and it means a lot, culminating in high quality apartments.

Erben and MJA Studio take responsibility for and great pride in their work. They have brought to life a number of apartment developments together and both take pride in the legacy they leave behind. Both local companies, they care about creating places where people can belong and be proud of, as well as sustainable in design and function and built to complement the contour of the land in which they sit.

Their apartments carry their signature quality design, but each development also has its own distinctive features inspired by the natural surrounds, history and amenity, whether it be coastal, river, tree canopy or inner-city living.

When a partnership works well it is clearly evident. As noted by a resident of Treehouse Jolimont, “I really like the partnership between Stirling Capital (now Erben) and MJA Studio (the architects). They have a good partnership and build good apartments together. They know each other well and work really well together. That shows in the end result.”